An Irish Entrepreneur Who Is Sharing His Fortune

Chuck Feeney the Irish American entrepreneur and businessman has used the last 30 years donating his time and resource away to help charitable endeavours. Having great success by owning duty free shops that sold to travellers globally he decided to help out a bit more. Mr Feeney never thought himself a success until undertaking some of his next projects, ones that would really make an impact on the lives of others.

"I never felt fulfilled through business, I enjoyed my work and found it quite challenging, but successfully making tough deals never filled me with overwhelming joy" said Mr Feeney.


Mr Feeney is founder of The Atlantic Philanthropies, which is an international organisation set up for good causes and projects. This is solely paid for by his success in the business world. His help has focused mainly in Ireland but also the USA, Australia, Bermuda, South Africa and Vietnam.Education is his primary concern as he believes it shapes better future. In Ireland particularly both north and south of the border. In a 2012 interview Mr Feeney was said to be "the man who arguably has done more for Ireland than anyone since Saint Patrick". He used to revel in anonymity during the beginning of his help but in the beginning of the millennium he came out into the lime light with the hope that other wealthy people should use their ability for "a greater good".


A lifetime of work for Mr Feeney - all given to charity. Turning his duty free success into a personal duty of helping the community.  Still to this day the Atlantic Philanthropies is continuing to help people using Mr Feeneys patronage even after his time on this earth was no more.  Estimations believe that the continued help and aid can go as far as 2020 in even the most modest of predictions.


Hopefully this story inspires people into adopting his principles of using your wealth to help people. Sharing is caring.


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