Herreløs pitbull uden for Irma kan ikke stoppe med at smile, efter at være blevet reddet af en dansk mand

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Few breeds of dog divide people quite like Pit Bulls. But whether you love them or you hate them, there’s no denying that Brinks the Pit Bull is difficult not to like. Just look at that smile!

The stray pitbull was out wandering around Irma in central Copenhagen for nearly a month.

One evening, the stray bumped into a human and his dog. The human was Jon, his dog was Demo, and the three of them hit it off instantly.

Jon decided to take Brinks in while he tried to find the lost dog’s owner, but after a month of checking missing dog reports and posting flyers without luck, he realized that Brinks was with him to stay. Brinks was soon adopted by Jon and his new best friend, Demo.

Two months later, the ex-stray pitbull has been smiling ever since!

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